Hotels and resorts alike know the importance of an indoor pool with the harsh Minnesota winters. They keep guests entertained and happy all year long. Before the abundance of visitors rush in this winter, consider investing in a new concrete pool deck. Concrete is a great choice for any kind of inground pool. Creative Concrete, a local concrete company, explains why below.

Pool Concrete is the King of Customization

Pool decks can be made out of any number of materials—brick, wood, ceramic, stone and, of course, concrete. Though other materials have their advantages, concrete stands out because it offers the most flexibility when it comes to aesthetics.


●        Pool concrete can be sanded, painted, shaped, and decorated. Because concrete is so structurally sound, it can stand up to almost any kind of aesthetic change you throw at it. Stamped concrete pool decks are also available in a seemingly infinite variety of hues, some of which are designed to mimic more expensive pool deck materials.

●        Pool concrete can be poured to an exact fit for any pool. Due to the use of molds in the construction process, a concrete pool deck can be shaped to fit almost anything your imagination can dream up.

●        Pool concrete has a customizable texture. Smooth or rough—either texture is available in concrete pool decks. Your concrete pool deck contractor might add an aggregate—small stones—to your concrete if you desire a rougher finish.


This customizability is definitely a good thing; after all, a concrete pool deck is a relatively permanent structure, so you should make sure you’re absolutely happy with it before installation. That’s also why you should always hire a residential concrete contractor to help you with the pour.

Stamped Concrete Pool Decks are Affordable

Relatively speaking, of course. But compared to many other pool deck materials, such as flagstone, stamped concrete pool decks run much cheaper and will give off a similar aesthetic. Moreover, when properly sealed and taken care of, stamped concrete can last for years without needing repairs.


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