Pouring concrete correctly is no simple feat. There’s a reason, after all, that under Minnesota law, all concrete contractors (commercial concrete contractors and residential concrete contractors alike) must hold special licensure with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. Some other types of commercial construction firms only need to register!


Unfortunately for the consumer, the complexity of concrete itself isn’t the only thing they’ll have to deal with when choosing a concrete company. Aside from pouring, they’ll also need to figure out which design company suits the needs of their project best.


If you’re wondering how to spot a great concrete design company, read on. Creative Concrete, a local concrete design company near you, has a few pointers below.

Transparency is Key

As with almost any business out there, you should know exactly what you’re getting into before you buy. You should feel comfortable asking questions, and the firm should be forthright in its answers. Any shifty business is both unethical and a cause for consumer concern.


These rules hold as true in the concrete design business as they do for any other service industry. In other words, breaking those rules certainly means the business isn’t a solid one! However, how do you know if the concrete design company you’ve got your eyes on follows them?


●        Their portfolio is obvious. When you go to the supermarket, you wouldn’t buy a box of food without knowing what was inside, would you? The same goes for any and all concrete projects. Your potential concrete design company should have a readily available list of examples of their past work (as a side note, you can view ours here).

●        Their website is easy to navigate. While a company’s website may, on the surface, seem like just a marketing tool, it’s actually a very clear indication of how that company does business—from the way it communicates with its customers to its workers’ attitudes on the job. A good concrete design company will have a website that’s organized and written well, and the professional vibe it gives off should be unmistakable.

●        They are willing to show you evidence of their experience and licensure. A concrete design company should not put up a fight if you ask about the insurance of their subcontractors, their applicable qualifications, or anything that shows everyone involved is properly educated to complete any given project. This shows the business has nothing to hide.

Looking for a “Solid” Concrete Design Company? You’ve Found Us!

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