Fall is quickly turning into winter, and Minnesota’s gnarly below-zero temperatures can do a number on your home’s infrastructure, not to mention any concrete you’ve recently (or not so recently) poured.


Creative Concrete, a residential concrete contractor, explains below how to prepare your concrete garage, concrete driveway, and pool deck concrete for Minnesota’s harshest season, as well as what happens if you don’t.

Why Winterize Your Concrete?

Unsealed concrete is porous, which means it isn’t immune to penetration by water and other liquids. When temperatures dip below freezing, water that has soaked into your unsealed concrete expands, which puts pressure on it from the inside out. This can shorten the viable lifespan of your concrete by degrading its structural integrity, as well as cause unsightly cracks.

Moreover, refusing to winterize can be dangerous! Water saturation can cause damage to the surface of the concrete. Water can sneak its way underneath nearby concrete slabs, which shifts the soil underneath and causes an uneven walking area. In Minnesota, it’s hard enough to stay upright on all our wintertime ice; why make it any harder by refusing to winterize your concrete?

Proper Winterization for Concrete

●        Check your sealant.  As stated above, unsealed concrete is vulnerable to the elements. Applying a quick, pre-winter sealant is one of the best ways to keep your concrete safe from ice and salt damage. 

●        Get replacement done early. A cracked and decrepit driveway or patio is unlikely to make it through the winter. If it’s beyond repair, replace your concrete before winter sets in and the problems get worse. Learn more about other signs to look for when to replace your concrete.

●        Consider a containment mat for your garage if you don't epoxy it. This is essentially a place for you car to wipe its metaphorical feet! In other words, it prevents water and brine from spilling onto your concrete garage floor, which decreases the likelihood you’ll need replacement or repairs come spring.

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