When it comes to concrete garages, pool deck concrete, concrete patios, and concrete driveways, there’s often a whole lot of lingo to learn, even if you’re just adding onto your house and not planning to join the industry any time soon. With many residential concrete contractors, it can feel extremely frustrating trying to communicate exactly what you want to be done.

You will never feel this way when you hire Creative Concrete, though! Our understanding, attentive team is absolutely willing to explain each and every term you may be unfamiliar with. We always make sure everyone is on the same page. However, it never hurts to educate yourself about concrete terminology, as it can help initial consultations go much faster.

Below, we’ll define and discuss a term not often heard outside of the concrete industry, which is rebar. No worries; it’s in plain English!

Rebar: Lending your Concrete Extra Strength

When your concrete professional refers to rebar, they’re referring to a bar of what’s usually steel used to strengthen and reinforce concrete structures. While not all concrete structures can make use of rebar, and not all will need them, they’re used both in the commercial construction industry, as well as in residential concrete to give concrete extra staying power. In addition to steel bars, other options exist for concrete reinforcement, such as mesh. What your concrete driveway needs all depends on how you’ll use it.

Rebar can be added to your concrete driveway to:

●        Reduce cracking over time | Concrete will crack. It’s just the name of the game. However, the extra strength that rebar gives your driveway will slow that process, which saves you money and keeps your concrete driveway aesthetically pleasing for longer.

●        Help your concrete withstand intense weather changes | Concrete naturally can expand, contract, and shift as temperatures rise and fall. Rebar can help your concrete driveway hold steady as the environment changes around it.

●        Give your concrete driveway the strength it needs to stand up to heavy traffic | As implied above, not all concrete driveways will need rebar to stand strong. However, if yours is frequently used underneath large trucks or otherwise faces a lot of traffic, rebar can be used for reinforcement. We at Creative Concrete always use rebar on our driveway projects to ensure the structure’s strength and stability.

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