With all the types of concrete available, it can be tough making a decision about what’s right for your family. What color should you go with? How big should you make your structure? Should you add a pattern to it? How about a border?

As residential concrete contractors near New Brighton, our team at Creative Concrete is happy to help you make informed decisions about your concrete project. With the careful research you’ve done and the competent professional help our company provides, you’re sure to end up with something that serves your family well for decades. That said, a little research never hurts, as it can help you lock in a decision. Today, we’ll take a closer look at textured concrete, one of the most common types of concrete for patios, pool decks, driveways, and more.

Textured Concrete vs Stamped Concrete

On top of attending to your stamped concrete needs, we also work with textured concrete – a similar yet different type of decorative concrete. Textured concrete is formed when, before the concrete dries, a trained technician lays a design into the mixture. The result is a singular unit of concrete that does not appear to be sectional. Stamped concrete, in contrast, appears to be made up of various repeating “sections.”

What else is there to know about textured concrete?

●        It’s undeniably unique. You’ll wow the neighbors, that’s for sure! Textured concrete definitely stands out among the sea of uniform greys that are most concrete structures. If you’re looking to express your personality or simply gain the envy of a passerby, textured concrete might be a renovation you should consider.

●        It can mimic more expensive materials. Just like stamped concrete, textured concrete can be made to resemble brick, slate, stone, tile, or even wood. Have an idea and want to know if it would work? Just ask us!

●        It’s tough. At the end of the day, textured concrete is still concrete. With proper maintenance and care, your textured concrete will stand up to a great number of potential threats.

Call Us to Add a Textured Concrete Fixture to Your Home

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