If you think concrete only comes in slate gray, think again! Industry innovations mean that you can now purchase gorgeous decorative concrete and stamped concrete in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns, and finishes.

The design options when it comes to your pool deck concrete or your concrete patio are virtually endless. From riverstone to brick to wood, your concrete now can even look like more expensive materials but retain the strength and durability of one of the most popular paving substances around.

However, all those options can be a little intimidating to some. Don’t fret—Creative Concrete, as a New Brighton local concrete company, discusses below what kinds of concrete might work best for your family and lifestyle.


There’s a reason it’s used for so many things: concrete garage floors, concrete patios, you name it. Concrete is physically tough and, with proper care, will serve your family steadily for decades. It also has a sort of timeless beauty to it—provided it’s used in the right way, of course! No matter what type of concrete you settle on, you’re sure to have invested in a product that not only is strong throughout all four Minnesota seasons but also can fit in with a variety of styles.

That being said, some types of concrete are better fits for some families over others. This isn’t due to variations in company quality, but it does have something to do with inherent aesthetic characteristics.

Decorative Concrete: A Landscaping Focal Point

Because it’s made to stand out from the rest, decorative concrete works best when it’s the center of attention, as far as landscaping goes. It’s artistic and eye-catching, so it wouldn’t make sense to try to make the main attraction something else!

Colored Concrete: A Cosmetic Harmonizer

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you have, say, a beautiful line of rose bushes whose blooms you want to accentuate, colored concrete serves this function quite well.

Stamped Concrete: A Near-Universal Fit

The term is so broad that many looks and styles fit under it. It’s a good fit for families that want the toughness of standard concrete with the looks of something more expensive.

Does What I’m Using the Concrete For Affect What Kind I Should Get?

Somewhat! All concrete is strong; in fact, as per the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Civil Engineering, there are ancient Roman structures made from a form of the stuff that are still standing as tourist attractions today! Even though concrete strength is hardly ever an issue, though, you’ll want to choose its appearance with where the project is located in mind.

Concrete patios, for instance, will benefit greatly from stamped or decorative concrete, as it’s both slip-resistant and aesthetically pleasing. A concrete garage floor or driveway, though, may opt for broomed concrete to maximize traction—though stamped concrete borders on driveways sure are showstoppers, as we detail in our blog on the subject. They’re also affordable, practical, and great for the health of your lawn.

In short, choosing a concrete type isn’t so much sacrificing strength for aesthetics—with a quality residential concrete contractor, you’ll always get both. It’s more about choosing how you need to harness that strength and understanding how much of a visual focal point the finished structure will be.

What if I Can’t Make a Final Decision?

That’s where the expertise of your concrete contractor comes into play. They’ll help you navigate the entire process, from choosing a color to a texture to the final shape of the pour. Communication and bouncing ideas off of one another is a vital part of the process, no matter if you’ve chosen a concrete patio, a pool deck, or something else entirely.

It’s also why choosing a great concrete contractor with solid, definitive values is so important in the first place—don’t just choose the first one to pop up on an Internet search! By thoroughly vetting your potential concrete contractor, you won’t just harness their skills; you’ll be on the receiving end of five-star customer service that makes sure you’re more than satisfied with the end result.


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