A great pool is nothing without a great pool deck! Otherwise, imagine sloshing all that water into the yard – you’d make quite the mud pit! Whether you’re installing a new pool or want to bust up an existing deck and start all over, you can’t go wrong with a concrete pool deck.

That being said, not all pool deck concrete is created equal. Take it from Creative Concrete, your New Brighton concrete pool deck contractors! Here are a few tips on designing a great concrete pool deck.

Design a Concrete Pool Deck for Safety and Longevity

Whether the result of shoddy installation or simply poor planning, a concrete pool deck can crack prematurely, creating not only an eyesore and a drain on your pocketbook to fix it, but also a safety hazard. Slippery concrete can also cause dangerous slips and falls.

So what should you look for in a great concrete pool deck? Most importantly, safety and longevity. You want to keep everyone who visits your pool safe and happy, and you probably only want to install this pool deck one time. Of course, you also want a beautiful design that complements your home and maybe even enhances its value.

We recommend a customized design and a gritty, grippy surface. That’s the kind of pool concrete that helps you make the most out of your summer days – by keeping your family safer around the water! And when you work with our team, you’ll have plenty of decorative options. Are you ready to reap the benefits?

Selecting the Style of Your Concrete Pool Deck

Creative Concrete is here to help with that, too.

Consider Color

Of course, texture is an important factor, too—but we’ve got to start somewhere, so let’s begin with hue. We’ve actually written an entire blog on how to pick the color for your concrete renovation, so check it out for in-depth advice.

The short version, though, is that there are various ways to pick a fitting color for your renovation, one of which is following a specific architectural style. Southwestern-style homes, for instance—like those pictured in this article from Home Stratosphere—can benefit from concrete that features warmer tones, such as rusts or tawnies. Like those common in the Pacific Northwest, Cape-Cod-style homes tend toward the cooler side of things, as these examples in Homes & Gardens show, and they look great with concrete.

This isn’t meant to be a hard-and-fast rule; in fact, mixing warm and cool shades can add a big punch of visual interest to a space. If you want to play it safe, sticking with one side of the color spectrum is the way to go.

Narrowing Down Texture

If you’re in need of some texture inspiration, check out our stamped concrete blog, wherein we highlight a few of our favorite looks.

Benefits of a Well-designed Concrete Pool Deck

All concrete renovations are unique, especially when stamped concrete is used. However, long-lasting, quality concrete structures often share a great deal of common attributes. A great concrete pool deck…

Fits Your Personal Style

Trust us: Style matters when it comes to pool decks, just like any other concrete construction.

Built to Last

Being built to last is one thing that’s so great about concrete. Great pool decks are made by experienced hands who have the know-how to get measurements and setting times right and can make your stamped concrete pool deck as durable as can be.

Is Safe

Any awesome concrete build can be made with a textured surface that provides extra grip, and this is a trait that’s often taken advantage of by concrete patios and the like. Useful concrete pool decks typically have traction so that unexpected slipping is limited.

Creative Concrete: New Brighton Pool Deck Concrete Pros

We know quality because we embody it in everything that we do, from our customer service to our finished results. If you’re looking for a stamped concrete pool deck with all the attributes listed above, the choice of contractor is obvious. Send us a message today, or give us a call at 612-414-7932.