Both asphalt and concrete driveways are common sights in suburban and rural communities, so it’s understandable that you may believe they’re both equally viable options to you. What does it matter, you may reason, what your driveway is made out of, so long as it serves its purpose? All of those other homes seem to be doing fine!

The keyword here, though, is seem. Indeed, problems with driveways might not be immediately visible to the passerby, and if one were able to stop and inspect the neighborhood’s driveways (Something we obviously don’t recommend!) you’d discover that, nearly inevitably, concrete driveways look better than the asphalt ones.

Not only that, they serve their purpose better, too. Below, Creative Concrete, a New Brighton local concrete company, details why concrete driveways beat out asphalt hands down.

Understanding the Purpose of a Concrete Driveway

Any driveway is supposed to provide a way for your cars to get to your garage – that’s obvious. But it’s also supposed to make your home look amazing in the process. Who wants to invest that much in an eyesore?

A driveway is also supposed to be a genuine expression of your style. Because it should last for quite a long time, it should be something that pleases not only the passerby, but you, too. In all of these categories, concrete driveway installations perform much better than asphalt.

Concrete driveways last longer than asphalt when properly maintained.

Provided you’ve had experienced concrete driveway contractors install your fixture, you generally can expect a concrete driveway to last around a decade more than an asphalt one. That means they can perform their obvious purpose for longer!

Concrete driveways are more consistently appealing.

Asphalt driveways can become gooey in the summer and snap as things cool down. Given that Minnesotan summer temperatures are all over the place, an asphalt driveway might not be the best choice if you want cross-seasonal good looks.

While concrete experiences some struggles if it’s not properly winterized, when installed and maintained correctly it can be relatively consistent in the texture department.

With stamped concrete, stylistic expressions are endless.

Express yourself in a way you never could with an asphalt driveway. By accenting your concrete driveway with decorative concrete, you’ll have a front yard that’s totally unique – and totally you.

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