Stamped concrete and decorative concrete is amazingly versatile from a stylistic standpoint. Just check out all the amazing things we at Creative Concrete have made with it in our gallery! Besides its obvious ability to mimic more expensive materials, its color can also vary greatly, adding another layer of personalization—a layer that can be a little daunting at first for homeowners to tackle.

Considering Color

When it comes to any sort of stamped concrete, the hue-related options can feel endless. Your local concrete company can present you with shades including but not limited to

●        Tawny

●        Gray

●        Chocolate

●        Hazelnut

So, in short, options abound. Since those options tend to be rather unobtrusive shades that go with a variety of architectural styles, it can be difficult—but not impossible—to find the one that fits.

Take a Look at Concrete Style Alongside it

What type of stamped overlay you decide to use for your concrete patio, concrete driveway, or the like can narrow your options quite a bit. This is a good thing; it makes the choice of color a lot less overwhelming!

For instance, stamped concrete made to look like brick pavers will appear more gentle on the eyes when its color follows up on its appearance. In other words, buff-colored bricks might not be universally aesthetically pleasing, but more reddish colored ones are.

Study Architectural Looks

Stamped concrete is a relatively new invention, so if your home harkens back to the days of old, you might not see it being used in similar historic builds. However, there are few caveats to what decorative concrete can be made to look like, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to style!

Keep up with tradition for a classy, guaranteed-to-please look. If your home adheres to an old-world style, you might consider traditional gray cobblestone, while ranch-like vistas might look nice with more saturated hues for their stamped concrete.

Do What Speaks to You

At the end of the day, your concrete structure is yours and yours alone. If the thought of considering architectural movements and combining color with style just makes things too much to handle, simplify your life by picking what color you, personally, think would look best. With experienced input from the applauded residential concrete contractors at Creative Concrete, the results are sure to be all that you hoped for plus more!

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