Colored concrete has been all the rage since its inception. It’s tough, versatile, and, of course, colorful, with tons of looks and textures to choose from. Check out our blog, “Why Put Color in Concrete,” for a broader overview of the subject.

Of course, just like anything, decorative concrete has its trends, and this season is no exception. If you’ve been thinking of adding a concrete driveway, concrete pool deck, or concrete patio to your home, now’s the time. Just look at all these exterior trends coming into vogue and the standout concrete colors that come along with them!

Embrace the Natural Trend With Tawny Concrete

We could all use a little more green in our lives. But no, we’re not saying you should color your concrete that way!

Let outdoor plants take care of the greenery. It’s only trendy these days to do so. Your concrete patio can back up your luscious houseside garden with an understated tawny or sandy color. If you really want to embrace this year’s natural trend, you can even add stone-like or wood-like texture to it with stamped concrete.

Get Matchy-Matchy With a Color Similar to Your Interior

No, you or your visitors won’t be getting down on your hands and knees with a magnifying glass, checking to see if they’re identical – that’s not the point.

What is the point: Smooth transitions from indoors to out are always in style, so match your concrete color to one featured prominently in its connecting interior space’s design.

Though this might not offer as much design flexibility, it sure makes for a clean, polished, and modernized look. With this color technique, you’ll make a space straight out of a home decor magazine!

Don’t Be Afraid of Dark Colors

While this trend might be seen more on houses these days, there’s no reason you can’t make a statement with your decorative concrete this way. Deep, dark colors, such as rich browns or greys, can serve as an eye-grabbing contrast to a light home or decor style, making your home stand out tastefully in a sea of muted tones.

Keep in mind that dark colors have a tendency to dominate a design though. This isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean you’ll need to think about how color affects your space a little differently.

Creative Concrete Is Your Source for the Latest Concrete Trends

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