When it comes to stamped concrete, the texture creates the concrete’s unique look, which means it’s worth some thought when you’re planning your installation. From a classic, rustic texture to fancier finishes such as wood and stone, how your stamped concrete feels underfoot is a considerable decision.

Luckily, Creative Concrete, New Brighton residential concrete contractors, are here to help with our brief guide to concrete textures.

Give Good Thought to Grip

Is your project a concrete patio that’s never used in the winter? Or, is it a concrete driveway that needs to have traction rain or shine? How much grip your project needs will directly lead you to potential designs.

For example, you might select a rough finish with a lot of grip-improving grit added for pool concrete, as falling is a very real risk. A driveway border that isn’t used in the colder months, on the other hand, probably won’t need to feel so bumpy.

The Visual Side of Things

While you of course want your concrete to be eye-catching, if it’s competing with other facets of your exterior design, your home’s style can turn into a patchy mess.

The key is to choose concrete that complements the rest of your exterior. Whether it’s role is that of your yard’s centerpiece or a relatively smaller accent, coexistence is vital.

Considering Colors

Designs and color interplay quite a bit to complete the finished product. Some finishes are interlaced with light and dark hues, while others are more monochromatic.

Generally speaking, the more complex the texture is, the more colors it will have, and the more it will draw the eye. Consider more intricate designs for a highlight or more unified ones for undertones.

Rigid and Repeating or Loose and Flowing?

In addition to color, the types of lines in your decorative concrete also have a visual effect. Repetitive lines create a feeling of order and a sense of the surroundings being clean-cut, while looser lines invite playful design choices.

Mixing too much of one or the other with your exterior plans results in a chaotic picture, while sticking too hard to one can result in a lifeless one. Your concrete team can help you figure out how to strike a balance.

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