Pools are made for splashing in. (And you can’t really prevent splashing, especially if you have kids!) A stamped concrete pool deck is a great choice for particularly sloshy installations, as sealant renders it tough on water, and a rough texture lends it additional grip. If you own one, you already know!

However, no pool deck, whether it’s made of stamped concrete or not, is completely immune to the damaging effects of moisture. And since during the summer months it’ll be experiencing a lot more of it, you’ll want to take steps to prolong the life of your structure.

Creative Concrete, your New Brighton residential concrete contractors, are here with a few simple tips to keep your concrete pool deck nice during swimming season.

Check the Status of Your Sealant

Your concrete’s sealant creates a barrier between water and the comparatively vulnerable substance below. It’s part of the reason that pool concrete is so long-lasting – aside from its legendary strength, of course.

However, when that sealant fades away, your concrete is left exposed. Over time, this can lead to premature cracking, which is certainly not something you want to deal with in your lovely decorative concrete pool deck! The chlorine in the pool water can also cause significant degradation, especially if the PH is unbalanced.

We thus recommend you seal your pool concrete every few years and add a non-slip additive for added safety. To test if it needs sealing, flick a few droplets of water onto it. If it doesn’t bead, it needs a new coat.

Keep Sunscreen Away

Be aware that if suntan lotion/spray gets on the pool deck it can cause staining. Try to clean those areas immediately if they do get suntan lotion/spray on them. Better yet, try to apply your sunscreen in grassy areas away from the concrete.

Long-Lasting Pool Decks: Contact Creative Concrete Today

Pool deck concrete requires special consideration when lain in order to stand up to the surrounding moisture. Luckily, the top-notch team at Creative Concrete has all the experience needed to bring you quality results. Give our New Brighton office a call today at 612-414-7932.