Sealing your concrete driveway is an important part of maintaining its beauty and functionality. By protecting it from the elements, it lends its strength to endure our harsh Minnesota winters, as well as stay sturdy underneath the immense weight of your cars.

Because it’s such a critical part of maintaining it, though, it’s crucial to get your sealing right—especially if you’re using what’s called penetrating sealer, which provides supreme breathability and water repellency. The concrete driveway contractors at Creative Concrete explain the ins and outs of the process below.

How Often to Reseal Driveways With This Type of Sealer

First, before diving in, know that this task only has to be completed once every five to seven years, depending on the state of your driveway. Penetrating sealer lasts a long time!

That being said, no matter how many times you reseal with penetrating sealer, it won’t change the concrete’s appearance. If your concrete is looking a little on the worn side, penetrating sealer will prevent future stains, but it won’t change how your structure looks. Thus, if it appears aged, you may want to try a different route.

Getting the Job Done

Generally, resealing concrete is a simple and easy enough task for the layperson! It just requires a little finesse and elbow grease.

First, you'll need to clean the concrete using a pressure washer or similar tool.

Next, it is important to do some research as to what kind of sealer was applied before and how long it has been on there to know how to move forward with a new penetrating sealer.  If questions arise, call the sealer manufacturer or distributor in your area.

Finally, once the concrete has dried out, apply the penetrating sealer. A spraying applicator is generally the best method, though you can use a roller, too; it just may be more labor intensive. Read the manufacturer's description to know how much product you should be putting down per square feet. Though it won’t change your concrete’s appearance, you still want to know it’s thoroughly protected!

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