Everyone knows what concrete is. After all, if you live anywhere in the Twin Cities area, your feet are almost never walking on anything else. The term “stamped concrete,” however, enters the industry-lingo territory. 

Since it’s usually only spoken in the construction and residential concrete contractor industries, the average homeowner usually has almost no understanding of it. And that's quite a shame, as it’s this homeowner who might invest in stamped concrete for their patio or driveway.

At Creative Concrete, a local concrete company in the Twin Cities suburbs, we know stamped concrete inside and out. Let us explain what any person should know about stamped concrete!

What Is Stamped Concrete & How Is It Installed?

Stamped concrete is decorative concrete: functional, tough as nails, yet completely customizable to fit almost any aesthetic. 

This unique concrete is made by pouring the concrete in slabs as usual and allowing it to be partially set up. Then, before the concrete is completely dry, the contractor presses designs, textures, and patterns into the uppermost layer. This process leaves behind a realistic-looking impression of whatever design was pressed into the uppermost concrete layer, essentially making the surface a replica of other building materials.

Stamped concrete can be made to look like any other patio, pool deck, or driveway material on the market, such as:

  • Pavers

  • Tile

  • Wood

  • Brick

  • Cobblestone

For more information on the stamping process and its benefits, check out our blog, What Is Stamped Concrete & How Is It Placed?

Benefits of Stamped Concrete for Any Project 

Why wouldn’t the savvy homeowner simply use brick, wood, tile, pavers, or stone for their project instead of what is essentially a mimicry of those materials? Because stamped concrete holds the following advantages over those materials by imitating and improving on them. 

Stamped Concrete Is Highly Durable

Stamped concrete combines the look and texture of your desired material, along with the sturdiness and strength of durable, lasting concrete. 

Why not opt for wood, pavers, stone, slate, tile, brick, cobblestone, or other materials for your project? Because all of these materials are prone to issues that most homeowners and business owners don’t want to have to deal with; Short material life spans, the annoyance of foliage growing up through seams, and trip hazards as other materials shift and settle over time. These materials typically also require more extensive upkeep than concrete, which can be bothersome and costly. 

With minimal maintenance, stamped concrete can last 40 to 50 years or longer. It’s durable, withstands Mother Nature’s elements, and can handle the weight of heavy machinery when necessary. (Learn how to pressure wash concrete to keep it looking great.)

Compared to other landscaping materials, concrete essentially takes the cake when it comes to sturdiness and staying power!

Stamped Concrete Is More Frost-Resistant 

Because stamped concrete is made of fewer interlocking pieces than its cousins, there is less of a chance that soil changes, such as frost heave, will damage it. Pavers and bricks, on the other hand, have seams between each piece, which frost heave and other soil fluctuations can negatively affect. 

Stamped Concrete Deters Weeds 

Fewer individual components (and fewer seams) are involved in the finished product means your new pool deck or patio will be nearly impervious to intrusive weeds. Fewer seams also mean that blades of grass will have little opportunity to grow up into and through your design.


Stamped Concrete Is Versatile & Highly Customizable 

Theoretically, because of the impressionable state of your stamped concrete before it dries, you can make it mimic almost anything you want. Fractured earth? Riverstone? It’s all up to you. 

If you want a portion of the surface to resemble one building material and another area to mimic something else, you can have your concrete contractors create the varied aesthetic you desire. Stamped concrete’s competitors don’t boast nearly as much design and aesthetic flexibility.

Stamped Concrete Is Affordable 

Have you looked into the pricing of cobblestone or brick? If you have, you understand they certainly aren’t cheap. Purchasing these materials is a great financial strain on many homeowners, and the purchase price doesn’t even factor in the money that must be invested in upkeep. 

Stamped concrete delivers almost the exact same aesthetic as these more expensive materials but at a much lower price. 

3 Gorgeous Finishes for Stamped Concrete

What kind of aesthetic can concrete contractors achieve with the concrete stamping process? Here are some of the most popular finishes that homeowners and business owners choose for stamped concrete. 

1. Wood Plank

Just like the name of this finish implies, it looks just like wood but doesn’t have the potential for rot or breakage so commonly associated with real-deal wood. Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail from Creative Concrete mean the end result will look natural – not like an obvious imitation of the real thing.

Wood is a near-universal material, cosmetically speaking; it looks good with almost any architectural style, from modern to rustic. Just be sure that you’re conscientious with color as you and your installation team ideate and finalize the design. 

Not sure how to choose a hue that’ll mimic the real thing? Not to worry! Check out our top tips for picking the right color for your stamped concrete project. 

And if you’re a fan of keeping up with what’s trending, be sure to check out the most desirable concrete colors for 2023.  

2. Vermont Slate

For a touch of palace-like flair, you can’t go wrong with the Vermont Slate finish. This design bears a striking resemblance to elegant slate stone, a visually interesting and aesthetically random pattern. This finish looks great in a variety of colors, too, which gives you lots of room to get creative!

Whether you’re creating a concrete patio or concrete pool deck, you can use this beautiful pattern. And if you fancy using it on another concrete surface, you can absolutely do that, too. 

3. Riverstone

For a natural-looking finish that can resemble red granite with the right color, look no further than Riverstone. 

This finish is ideal for those who seek an earthy, all-natural look to their space that features lots of wooden furniture or plants. But, just like any concrete finish, it’s incredibly versatile and can be customized to your liking. 

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