Everyone knows what concrete is—after all, if you live anywhere in the Twin Cities area, your feet are almost never walking on anything else. But the term “stamped concrete” enters industry-lingo territory. Since it’s usually only spoken in the construction and residential concrete contractor industries, the homeowner usually has no understanding of it. Which is a shame, as it’s this homeowner who might invest in stamped concrete for their patio or driveway!


That’s why Creative Concrete, a local concrete company in the Twin Cities suburbs, explains below what any person should know about stamped concrete.

Stamped Concrete Defined

Stamped concrete is decorative concrete: functional, tough as nails, yet completely customizable to fit almost any aesthetic. It’s made by pouring the concrete as normal, then imprinting designs, textures, and patterns into the top layer before it is fully dry. Stamped concrete can be made to look like any other patio, pool deck, or driveway material on the market, such as:


●        Pavers

●        Tile

●        Wood

●        Brick

●        Cobblestone

Why Not Use the Original Materials?

You may ask why the savvy homeowner does not simply use brick for their project instead of what essentially is a mimicry of brick. To that, we say stamped concrete holds numerous advantages over its counterparts:


●        Stamped concrete is more frost-resistant. Because stamped concrete is made of fewer interlocking pieces than its cousins, there is less of a chance that soil changes, such as frost heave, will damage it.

●        Stamped concrete deters weeds. Again, because there are fewer parts (and fewer seams) involved in the finished product, your new pool deck or patio will be nearly impervious to weeds.

●        Stamped concrete is almost completely customizable. Theoretically, because of the impressionable state of your stamped concrete before it dries, you can make it mimic almost anything you want. Fractured earth? Riversone? It’s all up to you. Stamped concrete’s competitors don’t boast nearly as much design and aesthetic flexibility.

●        Stamped concrete is affordable. Have you looked into the pricing of cobblestone or brick? They certainly aren’t cheap. Purchasing these materials is a great financial strain on many homeowners—not to mention the money that must be invested in upkeep. Stamped concrete delivers almost the exact same aesthetic of these more expensive materials, but at a much lower price.

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