As we covered in a past concrete company blog, stamped concrete comes in a variety of looks; that, aside from its affordability and strength, is one of its primary benefits. However, because the design possibilities for this substance are so vast in number, it can sometimes be tricky to pick the right texture for your project. When everything looks great, how do you know which direction to go?

Creative Concrete, top-notch New Brighton residential concrete contractors, are here to help. Below, we’ll discuss just a few of the finishes available with this variety of decorative concrete, as well as in what context they might look their best.

Wood Plank

Just like the name of this finish implies, it looks just like wood—but without the potential for rot or breakage so commonly associated with the material. Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail from Creative Concrete mean that the result will look natural, not like an imitation of the real thing.

Wood is a near universal material, cosmetically speaking; it looks good with almost any architectural style, from modern to rustic. Just be sure that you’re conscientious with color—but don’t worry, we’ve got tips for picking that on our local concrete company blog, too.

Vermont Slate

For a touch of palace-like flair, you can’t go wrong with Vermont Slate finish. It bears a resemblance to elegant slate stone, albeit a random pattern and visually interesting. This finish looks great in a variety of colors.

No matter if you’re creating a concrete patio or concrete pool deck, you can use this beautiful pattern.


For a natural-looking finish that can resemble red granite with the right color, look no further than riverstone. Riverstone is a great finish for those who seek an earthy, all-natural look to their space that features lots of wooden furniture or plants—though, just like any concrete finish, it’s incredibly versatile.

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