It’s often thought that concrete only comes in gray, but that is far from the truth. Not only does it lend itself wonderfully to textures, but color too—which is why decorative concrete is so striking.

We’ve talked about color and concrete before in our stamped concrete blog, but we haven’t quite dove into all the possibilities, so we’re here to do that now. Below, you’ll get a survey of just a few of the colors we offer in our stamped concrete, complete with the vibes they give off and where they’re best used.


Starting at a rich brown and descending into deeper hues, chocolate-colored concrete is certainly a fashion statement. It’s a great line of shades if you’re aiming for a realistic wood look, or if your faux-stone-finish-of-choice happens to fall around this hue in nature.

As far as furniture or added fixtures go, most browns can coexist with warmer or cooler hues—so the sky’s the limit if you’re considering chocolate. Just make sure that the colors you choose as auxiliary shades are far enough apart from your concrete to create interest. Otherwise, your decorated project could end up looking a smidge boring or visually confusing.


Though firetruck red is a bit outside the realm of possibilities, many residential concrete contractors will happily lend their stamped concrete projects a bit of a rusty hue. It’s quite popular if you’re aiming for a granite-like-look, or if your siding is warm-colored enough that red will highlight it instead of clashing.

Southwestern-style homes that pay homage to the adobe and stucco dwellings of old might make use of reddish concrete. Check out this article from The Spruce on that style for more inspiration.


On the warmer side of the color spectrum is tannish concrete, which often makes use of slight yellow or orange undertones, as you’ll see in our faux Belgium slate option. Like reddish concrete, these tones act as more of a backdrop to the overall picture instead of its primary color. It still reads visually as “brown,” but just in a slightly brighter, cheerier way.

Similar to red-hued concrete, tan concrete can be a great option for Southwestern-style homes, but it also functions wonderfully as a statement piece for a variety of decorative concrete fixtures. It additionally makes a fine color for a concrete patio, which is why it’s quite popular, as you’ll see in our gallery.

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