It’s never too soon to start thinking about the ways you can beautify your home this spring and summer! From updating patio furniture to refreshing your landscaping, you have so many options.

But have you thought about your concrete? One of the most complete ways to boost your exteriors and glamorize your home is to add or update just the right concrete details. The concrete experts from Creative Concrete have put together the top trends in next year’s concrete, outdoor, and landscape design, so you can warm up the winter months with a hot plan for your home’s exterior makeover!

1. Outdoor Rooms

One trend that keeps growing in popularity is creating outdoor spaces for gathering, entertaining, and even cooking that reflect your home’s interior styles. The outdoor/indoor elements are mixing, and the best way to pull the indoors out is to incorporate a gorgeous patio complete with comfortable seating, roomy dining, and a posh kitchen area into your outdoor design.

Install a concrete patio right off your back door or extend a patio from your porch or deck into your yard and double your living space. Add grills, kitchenettes, fire pits, outdoor dining sets, and awnings to establish a lavish look that functions as an extra space in your home.

2. Natural Textures

From stone to brick to tile, natural flooring looks are in! And fortunately, you don’t have to invest all of your savings into finding actual stone for a patio. Innovative developments in concrete technology allow you to create natural stone, brick, and tile looks with stamped concrete.

Pull the natural stone design from your home’s architectural features into your concrete walkways. Or maintain your home’s polished Colonial style with a seemingly perfectly laid brick path. The choices with stamped concrete are endless, but you’re guaranteed to find the exact natural texture you’re looking for!

3. Neutral Concrete Colors

Similar to the natural textures, the call-back to nature extends to the color palette of outdoor design, too. Neutral or natural stone colors will remain big for patios in the upcoming year. Stone grays, beiges, tans, and creams provide an elegant neutral canvas to build from, especially for patios and pool decks.

Whether you already have well-functioning concrete or you need new concrete installed, opting for a colored concrete that maintains a natural stone look will be a good choice for your exteriors. From there, add colorful accessories that are similar to your home’s interior design and fully bring the indoors out.

4. Seamless Flow

Finally, continuity is a theme across all decorating platforms. From pulling the indoor design into your outdoor landscape to creating seamless transitions from your driveway to your front entrance or walkways, the goal is to lead the eye around your property, maintaining one complete look.

Install or upgrade your driveway to match your front walkway’s pattern. Or, when creating zones in your backyard for your pool deck and patio area, use a similar texture or color in the concrete design to sync the looks together and provide a harmonious feel throughout your whole property.

Beautifying Concrete Installation From the Pros at Creative Concrete

Make this the year to finish your dream home with custom concrete that adds the gorgeous, polished look you’ve been wanting for your home! Request a quote today by calling 612-414-7932 or message us online and start planning your home’s concrete makeover for the new year.