5 Forms of Concrete & Their Uses

5 Forms of Concrete & Their Uses

If you’ve been keeping up with our local concrete company blog, you know by now that concrete doesn’t have to be solid boring gray. With the advent of stamped concrete and decorative concrete, more and more homeowners are realizing the material’s versatility from both an aesthetic standpoint and a durability one.

But when there are so many kinds of concrete out there, it can be a bit tricky to pick the right one for a given job, so Creative Concrete, as a local concrete company, is here to help!

Let’s talk about a few common concrete types and where you might find them at work.


We’ll start off with a concrete type that might sound somewhat exotic to the average homeowner—air-entrained concrete. This concrete uses the power of air to increase its weatherability and resistance to freeze-thaw cycles.

Small voids strategically placed inside the concrete allow any water that seeps in to expand as it freezes without putting unnecessary strain on the structure.

Because it’s made to handle areas with tough freeze-thaw cycles, you’ll frequently see it used for exterior purposes in such climates.


Ever wonder how concrete is transported stories high when working on tall projects? Wonder no more: A specific type of concrete allows for this, aptly nicknamed pumped concrete.

While the name doesn’t refer to a numerically exact mix, it does refer to concrete with fine aggregate particles that make it physically possible for it to be pumped against gravity.

Pumping concrete is a complex trade, as is covered in this article from The Constructor. It tends to be used when concrete transport is difficult, but it also can be seen in creating pools.


One of our personal favorite concrete types and a close cousin to decorative concrete, stamped concrete is designed to wow the passerby with intricate designs.

It’s often made to mimic natural stone; residential concrete contractors take advantage of its affordability and low-maintenance nature to deliver luxe-looking results.

Because it can be made to look like nearly any natural material out there, stamped concrete is incredibly versatile from a cosmetic standpoint, and it can be seen enhancing anything from concrete patios to concrete driveways.


Concrete is incredibly durable under compression, but when it comes to tension, it can weaken.

Reinforced concrete has fiber, rebar, and meshes added into the material, building additional strength and making it an ideal choice for structures like patios and driveways.


Precast concrete is created off-site using a mold, making it a versatile and popular option for residential and commercial properties.

The biggest advantage is that the casts and designs are fully customizable, letting you choose the size, texture, shape, and color for a unique aesthetic.


The biggest priority for most homeowners is enhancing their exterior and creating great aesthetics. Curb appeal means picking the right type of concrete to create a durable and versatile end product.

Whether you need a unique color or tint or a customized stamp to mimic the look of wood, pavers or tile, concrete is an affordable and long-lasting solution you will love!


Creative Concrete has been a local provider for over 20 years, and our team provides the highest quality concrete services for commercial and residential properties in the Twin Cities metro. Whether you need to lay a new sidewalk or want to enhance your space with a pool deck, we can help!

Our local concrete company gets results from the decorative to the practical and all the shades in between. Contact us online or call our New Brighton office today at 612-414-7932.

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