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The Dos and Don’ts of Pressure-Washing Concrete

Concrete pool decks, concrete driveways and more all can benefit from a deep clean, provided you’re careful in how you do it.

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How to Remove an Oil Stain From Your Concrete Driveway or Garage

Concrete driveways and garage concrete are particularly vulnerable to a splatter or two, but the good news is that stains tend to be fixable.

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What Texture of Concrete Is Right for Your Project?

No matter if you’re laying pool concrete or a concrete driveway, how your concrete looks and feels is one of the most important project decisions you’ll make.

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How to Keep Your Concrete Cool in the Summer

While decorative concrete and stamped concrete are usually comfortable underfoot, these tips can make its temperature barely noticeable.

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How Concrete Structures Save you Money

When you invest in a concrete patio, concrete pool deck, or any concrete structure, you’re putting your money in a wise place.

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Top Concrete Colors for 2021

Colored decorative concrete is always in style, but 2021’s design trends mean that standout stamped concrete can be used to tie a space together.

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How to Keep Your Concrete Driveway Looking Good

Stamped concrete driveways and standard concrete driveways, while resilient, always appreciate a little extra love. Learn how to care for them with these tips from the experts at Creative Concrete.

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How to Pick the Right Color for Your Stamped Concrete

It’s not just unique style that stamped concrete boasts; color is customizable too. But picking it is a fun part of buying decorative concrete when done right.

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3 Hot Concrete Pool Deck Ideas for 2021

Stamped concrete and decorative concrete reign supreme this year when it comes to decorative potential for your pool deck.

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Concrete vs Asphalt Driveways: When Concrete Comes Out on Top

A local concrete contractor explains why this tough-as-nails material is superior in more than just durability. The choice for your new driveway is obvious: concrete.

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