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Concrete vs Asphalt Driveways: When Concrete Comes Out on Top

A local concrete contractor explains why this tough-as-nails material is superior in more than just durability. The choice for your new driveway is obvious: concrete.

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Concrete Renovation Options for HOAs

Getting your stamped concrete approved in an HOA might be a little tricky, but the decorative concrete results from Creative Concrete are well worth it.

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How to Design a Great Concrete Pool Deck

A great pool deserves a great pool deck! In this blog, the experts at Creative Concrete in the Twin Cities discuss how to design a great concrete pool deck, including decorative concrete options.

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How to Choose a Quality Concrete Garage Floor Contractor

Garage cement floors are so commonplace that you may think any residential concrete contractor will do for the job, but that’s certainly not the case. Learn how to choose a quality concrete company for your project.

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Using Stamped Concrete to Express Your Personal Style

Stamped concrete and decorative concrete is a more versatile and expressive medium than many homeowners think. Learn about some of your options here.

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Practical or Pretty: What Type of Concrete Is Best for You?

Stamped concrete and decorative concrete combine tough-as-nails integrity with modern good looks for exterior features that can’t be beat.

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Why Pouring Concrete and DIY Don’t Mix

Decorative concrete, stamped concrete, pool deck concrete, you name it—DIY is a surefire way to make your concrete concepts disasters.

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How to Winterize Your Concrete

Owning a concrete garage, a concrete pool deck, or even a concrete driveway comes with some simple pre-winter-prep tasks.

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Why Personalize Your Concrete? 3 Reasons to Choose Custom Concrete for Your Home or Business

Decorative and stamped concrete can bring personality and pride to your home or business’ exterior. Learn about the benefits of custom concrete from Creative Concrete, a New Brighton concrete company.

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How to Keep Your Concrete Project From Going Over Budget

When money is a concern, it’s important for your concrete driveway or concrete garage project to stay on budget. Learn how to set up your project for success with a few tips from Creative Concrete.

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