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Three Forms of Concrete and Their Uses

Residential concrete contractors know that concrete comes in all sorts of mixes. What’s the right one for your upcoming project?

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How Is Portland Cement Made?

Concrete driveways, concrete patios, decorative concrete—no matter what it is, you can thank this substance for its creation.

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What Does It Mean to Cure Concrete?

Curing is one step of many in creating the perfect stamped concrete structure, but take it from a concrete contractor: it’s an important one. Learn all about what it means to cure concrete.

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What Is the Difference Between Cement and Concrete?

Though these terms have been used interchangeably, stamped concrete and decorative concrete are quite a ways away from being cement!

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Top Three Winter Concrete Maintenance Tips

Decorative concrete needs little care after winterization, but simple changes in habit can make sure standard cold-weather exterior care doesn’t damage it.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Pressure-Washing Concrete

Concrete pool decks, concrete driveways and more all can benefit from a deep clean, provided you’re careful in how you do it.

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How to Remove an Oil Stain From Your Concrete Driveway or Garage

Concrete driveways and garage concrete are particularly vulnerable to a splatter or two, but the good news is that stains tend to be fixable.

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How to Seal Traditional Concrete Driveways With Penetrating Sealer

Local concrete companies do high-quality work, but all concrete needs maintenance to keep performing at its best.

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How to Reseal Decorative Concrete With a Semi-Gloss Surface Sealer

Stamped concrete and decorative concrete appreciate a little touch-up every few years. Learn how to care for your concrete here.

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How to Keep Your Concrete Pool Deck Nice During Swimming Season

Pool concrete goes through a lot in the summertime, but with the right maintenance, it can come out of it as strong as ever.

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