Concrete Pool Decks: Important Considerations For Hotels

Concrete Pool Decks: Important Considerations For Hotels

The pool at your hotel needs to be eye-catching and create an inviting and visually appealing area for guests to relax and hang out. The better your pool deck design, the higher the chance your property will get rave reviews.

There are so many advancements for customization to create undeniable aesthetics that your guests will love, and here are expert tips to consider.


As a hotel owner, the last thing you want to deal with is a guest slipping and falling and hitting you with a liability claim!

Your pool deck area is the perfect place to create a worst-case scenario, so having slip resistance is a priority. Any decking materials can become slippery when wet, but concrete gives you extra options to increase traction.

Broomed finishes, exposed aggregate, or textured overlays greatly reduce the risk of falls in the space.


The design you choose can make a huge impact on your guests, and a concrete pool deck is a versatile material that offers flexibility for a beautiful style.

Concrete can be formed into any shape and size, and decorative treatments and colors that mimic materials like tile and brick are available. Imprinted and stamped concrete borders create beautiful, engraved patterns, leaving you with many amazing design options to create an unforgettable pool deck space.


Materials like tile in darker colored bricks will attract UV rays and become very hot after extended periods. The problem with this is if it gets too warm, it creates a different risk, including burns or guests not wanting to use the area.

Concrete naturally reflects UV rays and is known for being more comfortable on bare feet, and comes with additional finishes designed to lower temperatures, keeping the space safer and more appealing for your guests.


Almost all paving materials are durable, but in most cases, they will need more maintenance than concrete. Paving units and bricks can move and shift and will need replacing or releveling, and the pavers will need to be refilled with sand to stop weed growth.

Investing in a concrete pool deck will remove these issues, and it simply needs occasional cleaning and resealing to keep its esthetics and durability strong.


Creating the perfect pool deck starts with understanding your needs, and if you are looking for professional design, the Creative Concrete team has been serving the Twin Cities area since 1998.

Our team is passionate about creating beautiful finishes our clients love, and we are happy to assist with everything from residential concrete patios to commercial sidewalks.

Getting started is easy. Request a quote online or give our office a call at 612-414-7932 today.

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