How to Choose a Quality Concrete Garage Floor Contractor

How to Choose a Quality Concrete Garage Floor Contractor

Concrete garages are popular for good reason. So popular, in fact, that many people don’t think twice about what they put on their floors! Concrete garage floors are tough, long lasting, weather resistant when taken care of properly, and they fit with any garage’s look. What’s not to love?

It’s because garage cement floors are so popular, however, that many homeowners don’t spend a lot of time vetting potential residential concrete contractors for the job. With so many concrete garages around the nation, all concrete contractors must know what they’re doing in that respect, right? While stamped concrete or decorative concrete might be a little trickier, it’d seem like concrete garages are their bread and butter.

We at Creative Concrete, as creators of everything from concrete driveways to concrete garage floors, are here with a little reality check. Though garage cement floors are indeed a relatively common project, who you hire for the job matters in more ways than you might think.


Go figure, you might be thinking. If you hire a good contractor, you get good results. It’s common sense! However, putting down a concrete garage floor is more than simply creating slabs of grey cement, and the quality of your garage floor is important when it comes to protecting a vast variety of things. That’s why hiring a top-notch contractor is so important!

  • Your garage is a safe space for your vehicles. Treat it well! A long-lasting concrete garage floor provides the base layer for your vehicle’s storage space. Overly cracked or crumbling concrete garage floors can be hard on tires and the like. Imagine feeling like you’re driving on a pothole-ridden road every time you pull in! No thanks.
  • Stains and abrasion certainly aren’t pretty. Though your garage is probably not the point of aesthetic pride when it comes to your home, it’s still a part of its overall picture, especially if you use it for a workshop space or the like. A quality contractor will be able to provide concrete that is more stain-resistant, resulting in a garage space that stays in tip-top shape for longer.
  • Replacing concrete garage floors is certainly an investment. It’s a worthwhile one, of course, but only if you find a quality contractor who can help you get the most years possible out of it. Nobody wants to pay for premature repairs.


Common project or not, you can always count on a guarantee of quality from our talented team. Give our New Brighton office a call today at 612-414-7932.

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