How to Protect Your Concrete Garage Flooring

How to Protect Your Concrete Garage Flooring

Coating your concrete garage floor with a sealant protects the surface from scratches, stains, and other marks that mar its aesthetic. There are a number of coating options for your concrete.

  • Epoxy. This thick, clear coating allows the addition of coloring and other decorative additives, making it a simple and cost-effective way to customize the look of your floors. Stain-resistant epoxy is ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Urethane. High-gloss urethane coating seals porous concrete floors against moisture. Urethane makes concrete garage floors feel luxurious while protecting them from spills and yellowing from exposure to sunlight.
  • Custom blends. Professional flooring companies often mix their own sealants. This allows them to give their clients the best possible combination of style and protection.

Speak to the representatives at Creative Concrete for personalized advice on how to seal the concrete floor in your home or business, or for a list of recommendations from professional concrete sealing companies.


Moisture is the natural enemy of your concrete floor. Use mats to trap moisture that could be tracked in from your shoes. Containment mats made of PVC are the best options for soaking up excess wetness. Place mats at all the entrances of your room for best results. While these items are useful all year around, they are especially important in months with less favorable weather conditions.


Harsh chemicals and rough stain removal techniques can compromise the integrity of your coating. Avoid the use of caustic cleansers that strip your coating and expose the concrete below. Don’t use rough brushes, brooms, or automated cleaning appliances on your concrete unless you’re sure it’s safe. When you choose Creative Concrete for your concrete garage floor installation, we’ll answer all of your questions about keeping your new floor clean long into the future without risking damage.


Whether you’re driving your vehicle across the floor several times a day or using your garage space for high-powered hobbies, high-traffic areas need extra protection to prolong the life of your concrete. In addition to coating and the use of PVC mats to mitigate wear and tear, it’s important to visually inspect this area often. When caught early, damage is easier to repair and may help you avoid completely replacing your floor.

Creative Concrete is your source for expert concrete garage floor installations. Call us at (612) 414-7932 for a free quote on your concrete floor project. And if you’re ready to preserve your concrete well into the future, we can provide helpful maintenance and sealing advice.

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