My Patio Has Weeds. What Should I Do?

My Patio Has Weeds. What Should I Do?

Weeds: the bane of Minnesotan homeowners across the state. All we want to do is enjoy a nice, relaxing afternoon on the patio, when suddenly—bam! There are the Creeping Charlie, the Dandelions, and those mystery plants that pop through the cracks each year. You still don’t know what those are.

While weeds are certainly an aesthetic concern, their appearance can, in certain cases, be a forewarning that your patio is in serious trouble. Instead of spending hundreds on toxic and environmentally damaging herbicides, if your patio has historically had a weed problem, look into why this is. For example, pavers are particularly prone to weed issues, as the spaces between the stones provide the perfect place for seeds to hunker down and germinate.

Simply sick of dealing with weed issues? Want to enjoy your patio in a more headache-free way, so to speak? Creative Concrete has the solution.

Yes, concrete! Because it’s a solid slab of material, weeds cannot nestle in between the cracks to the extent that they can with pavers, bricks, or wood. No more blowing cash on chemicals, and no more skinning up your knees pulling pesky plants out by hand. While concrete, just like any material left outside to weather the elements can and will crack, these cracks never appear to the levels which they naturally do with some other patio types (unless you completely neglect your concrete for decades!).

Of course, there are other benefits, besides less maintenance, to replacing your patio with concrete from Creative Concrete.

  • Stamped concrete and decorative concrete open up a world of aesthetic possibilities | Don’t want a giant gray slab sitting in your backyard? We feel you. That’s why Creative Concrete offers countless concrete types, finishes, colors, and patterns to choose from—all without the maintenance and expense of other patio types.
  • Concrete is more accessible | Pavers, due to their interlocking nature, create many opportunities for a person to slip and fall. In a home with elderly people or those with mobility issues, we can add higher grit to the sealer to make the walking surface safer.
  • Concrete is much more durable than many other patio materials | For example, while wood patios might look exquisite, they’re vulnerable to termite infestations, in addition to warp and rot. You’ll get the look of wood without the finickiness when you invest in a stamped concrete patio.


Our team would be happy to help you achieve the backyard look you’ve always wanted. Give our New Brighton office a call now at 612-414-7932.

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