Practical or Pretty: What Type of Concrete Is Best for You?

Practical or Pretty: What Type of Concrete Is Best for You?

When it comes to your home’s exterior, you want your driveway, patio, stoop, and other surface areas to look attractive. Your curb appeal is a point of pride – it creates a first impression with neighbors, friends, family, and anyone who passes by.

However, appearances aside, you also want the investments you’ve made in your property to last. A driveway or patio that you need to repair time and time again becomes more of an inconvenience than something you’re proud of.

Creative Concrete, a New Brighton residential concrete contractor, is here with some good news: You can have it all!

You don’t need to pick between strength and good looks. You can have it both with stamped concrete!


Concrete driveways, concrete garage floors, concrete pool decks – there are many reasons why concrete is so popular. Its strength, durability, and versatility make it a sturdy and long lasting building material.

Combining an age-old material known for its strength with innovative new stamping technologies, our concrete structures are outdoor renovations that combine the best of both worlds.


Modern ingenuity means that you’re no longer stuck with the same-old, light gray hue concrete is so well-known for. Anything from colors to designs can be added, resulting in a dazzling structure that’s unique to you.

Complement your home’s exterior colors with tinted concrete. From warm beiges to cool gray blues, find the perfect concrete match to accentuate your home. And if you can’t decide, let our design experts help you determine the best color fit for your home!

Along with color tinting, concrete can also be customized through stamping to create a range of paver, tile, or even wood looks, while being easier to maintain than those materials. Upscale your home’s front walkway or patio with impressive stamped concrete that reflects your home’s design, from modern to traditional.

With tinted and stamped concrete growing in popularity, check out these trends in creative concrete and how it can beautify your home!


Concrete has stuck around as a building material for a seriously long time. Perhaps this is due to its near legendary strength. Indeed, with the proper winterization and care, you can expect your concrete to last you for decades.

Even with a tinted color and stamped design, your concrete will hold up to weather, everyday usage from cars and foot traffic, just like you’d expect from concrete.


You don’t need to break the bank for a material that unites good looks and durability. Even today, with all of the stylistic options available, stamped concrete remains an economically smart choice.

It’s also the perfect investment if you’re looking to improve your home’s overall value in the short and long term. With concrete’s durability that lasts for decades, a one time investment and proper maintenance, can give you a property value boost now and when you sell your home years later.


Of course, all of the above only holds true if you work with a residential concrete contractor who knows what they’re doing. Creative Concrete’s more than twenty years of experience combined with our gorgeous stamped concrete gallery and our shining reviews lets you know we’re the right ones for the job.

Let our design experts help you in choosing the right colors, styles, proportions, and more for your exterior landscaping, driveway, and walkways. Working with our concrete contractors means you’ll get our honest opinions, quality service, and exceptional installation!

Give our New Brighton office a call today at 612-414-7932!

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