Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Concrete Job

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Concrete Job

Have you been considering installing or re-doing a concrete patio, concrete driveway, garage concrete, or pool deck concrete? Are you thinking you’re going to complete the job yourself?

While we admire your ambition, if you are willing to invest in a new or redone concrete project, make the most of your money and hire a professional. Below, Creative Concrete, your New Brighton stamped concrete pros, discusses exactly what professional help brings to your project—and why you should never go without.


Mixing concrete is a science, as we touch on in our decorative concrete blog, and professional concrete contractors understand this science through and through. If the concrete is not mixed correctly, it will be more susceptible to damage and a shorter lifespan. If the concrete project supports other surrounding structures, the damage is not only an eye sore, but it can be dangerous.

To ensure your concrete lasts for years to come, leave the mixing and installing up to the professionals.


Concrete projects require tools and machinery. Purchasing these tools and machines for one project is, from an economic standpoint, not worth the expense. You could actually save money (and the space in your garage!) with a local concrete contractor.

Beyond purchasing tools and machinery, your time is also valuable. Spending time on your concrete projects takes away from the time you have with friends and family, and those moments are invaluable. Beyond that, tools and machinery often are complex and will take the layperson loads of extra time to figure out, which is why it’s tricky to budget that time in the first place.

Lastly, if you make an error, you’re not only out the time, but also the money you invested. The right concrete pro will hardly ever make an error, and if they do, it’s their obligation to fix it free of charge.


According to The Constructor, a concrete form is a “solid barrier that helps to hold the fluid concrete in place until it hardens and acquires a particular shape.” Just like every part of the concrete-pouring process, this part is complex, and requires precision if the finished work is to be adequate—all the more reason to hire a pro.

Not only do the forms need to be built properly, the area has to be prepared and leveled. Any portion of the area that isn’t consistent and level will lead to sagging and potential cracking. Our team will ensure every square inch of the space is prepared properly, that the forms are precise, and that the thickness of the concrete is correct.


Planning the project involves multiple steps. You’ll need to know how much concrete is needed, how large and the number of forms needed, and the amount of time needed for the concrete to fully dry. You’ll also need to plan how much time it takes to get the area prepared and the concrete poured. If you miscalculate any part of the planning, it will lead to errors, and you’ll most likely be kicking yourself for not hiring a professional in the first place, because now you’ll need to hire a professional to re-do the project you messed up.


Face it: DIY, as cute as the abbreviation might sound, isn’t fun. It’s stressful. You’re trying to make up for years and years of on-the-job training and education with just the Internet and maybe the local library to help. No doubt somewhere along the line something will come up that you don’t know how to deal with—so you’ll always be second-guessing yourself throughout the entire process. When your concrete structure is on the line, it all can quickly get to be too much.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew; just hire a pro to handle the job. With their expertise, they know how to avoid all sorts of stress-inducing blunders—and anything that does come up, they can handle no problem.


From color to texture to overall shape, what’s trendy in concrete can vary widely and change at the drop of a hat. While many homeowners are having their concrete structure made for themselves, if you’re aiming to sell your home in the near future, you might need the input of the experts, who stay abreast of trends, to make sure that your structure ages well and can serve as an asset when you hit the market, not as a drawback.

Additionally, concrete contractors can also provide you with expert advice surrounding colors, textures, shapes, and more. While you may know exactly what you want out of a concrete structure, it’s not uncommon at all to not know where to begin. Experts can hold your hand through the entire process, making it seamless and ensuring it ends in nothing but your satisfaction.


Save time and money and ensure your concrete project is done accurately the first time by hiring your local concrete company. Creative Concrete serves the Twin Cities suburbs to deliver superb, quality projects. Our customers’ reviews speak for themselves.

Call us today at 612-414-7932 to get started on your next project.

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